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The Lion and the Covenant


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1. "This'll be very controversial. Which is good!" Saul.

1. "The Lion and the Covenant will leave traditional historians speechless. It will also shake the world of Ark theorists as never before. This is no wild speculation, rather the result of years of meticulous research, with evidence derived from around the globe. Precise names, times and places pour out in a torrent of cumulative evidence, impossible to ignore. In the face of this information the conventional explanations of the events it exposes look decidedly thin." Caleb.

3. "As a Freemason I was - well, flabbergasted. I would recommend that Masons everywhere read it, it's very interesting. However whether they should believe any of it is quite another story." Ben.

4. "Although presented as an enjoyable and entertaining novel, this book may be the most authoritative account ever of the real fate of the Ark of the Covenant. It is fascinating to read about such hidden history. I was stunned to learn about the "royal secret", and that the Freemasons and their "society with secrets" may really have been hiding something big after all. And surprise surprise, it surely looks like those "respectable" Brits could teach modern politicians a trick or two about industrial-scale disinformation. As for what we learn about Queen Victoria and her family - can you believe those royals? (we still love them though)." Geoff.

5."I don't know about the Ark, but I liked it as a mystery thriller that relates to modern life, and as an appealing yet realistic love story." Annabel.

6. "To my mind this reveals the most amazing - and up till now successful - intrigue in all modern history. To think they got away with it for 140 odd years!" Mike.

7. "I liked the strong but still feminine character of Kate. Although a mystery thriller, this one will appeal to women as much as men." Ailsa.

8. "Actually, this book raises major issues about 'what's been did and what's been hid.' Historians should answer them in detail if they disagree? And I don't think any Freemasons should shout it down, unless they know everything there is to know about their own movement. Because, a lot of it could just be true. Imagine that." Lachlan.


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The Lion and the Covenant 2009



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