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HMS Galatea

                                                        This ship made three visits to Australia in 1867-1870,
                                                        captained by his Royal Highness Prince Alfred Ernest Albert,
                                                        Duke of Edinburgh, second son of Queen Victoria.

Above: The Galatea avoids an iceberg off Western Australia

Below: The Galatea reaches Sydney Heads

       What hidden cargo did this royal ship transport?


A Hobart lion mentioned in the book

(clue - St. David's park and a triangular relationship to another picture on this page)


What is the origin of the lions ( two sets of three, and one 'rampant', on the British royal standard?  What are the connections between the British royal family, a trilogy of strange events in the 1860's, and the Ark of the Covenant?  What do the "holy numbers" of Freemasonry really signify, and what do they bear witness to?  How can numbers, colours, names and symbols help explain a great mystery? Where is there arguable evidence on the fate of the Ark that you can inspect in person?  And by the way, what really lies buried beneath Rosslyn chapel? If the answers to these questions interest you, you won't want to miss The Lion and the Covenant.

Above: Is this just "an abstract architectural feature" as claimed, or can you see a face in it?  If so, what is it?  Why was this building purpose-built in Tasmania in a year with a '3' in it, the first three of a new century, near a Masonic headquarters at a 'No. 3' address?   Why does the Tasmanian state flag show a lion rather than a Tasmanian tiger?     


     Above: Are Masonic secrets encoded in these two Melbourne buildings?


The Royal Entrance, original building, Sydney University (click to enlarge)
Is this part of "the Sydney clue"? Can you see the shield with the three scalloped shells?



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